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Where CATCHERS Are Built

What People Are Saying

About Colorado Catchers

"Thank you so much not only for your kind words about (my son), but also the detailed notes on how he can improve. This is great stuff and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and devoting your attention to him. He had a great time and told me that he really enjoyed the clinic."

Matt from Denver


"Rex knows his stuff and runs a smooth clinic"



"(My son) has absolutely loved the last two clinics and is really excited for the next. He absolutely loves the instruction. Can’t say enough positive things about the level and quality of instruction received during the clinics!"

Joe from Colorado Springs


"The small class size is refreshing and your fees are more than reasonable."

Chris from Greeley

"(The clinic) was well organized and efficient."

Issac from Pueblo


"The best aspect of the clinic was the knowledge of catching from the coaches."

Keith from Colorado Springs


"The drills were very well explained and made directions clear and understandable. Great one on one coaching and work!"

Krysta from Pueblo


"The best aspect of the clinic and coaching was the attention to detail, knowledge and working with each kid somewhat individually."

Justin from Colorado Springs

"Small numbers with feedback that is appropriate for the age group. This allows the kids to get more repetitions with more personalized instruction. Also, both coaches related well to all the kids. They kept the kids interest in the game positive but, were quick to offer corrections and instruction to promote increased performance and better baseball for the kids."

Todd from Pueblo


"Feedback was timely and constructive - while being kind. I felt there was also a nice balance of positive reinforcement and building on assets, not just areas of growth."



"This was a great camp. The amount of instruction and knowledge my boys gained was great. We will definitely be attending again."

Luke from Fort Collins


"Thanks for reinforcing what our own organization attempts to instill. And thanks for being willing to answer additional questions after every session. You all do a great job and my family thanks you"