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Our Approach to Catching Instruction

Colorado Catchers believes strongly in teaching from the bottom up. Our goal is for each catcher to learn how to play the position properly and with sound fundamentals.


Catchers must first learn proper catching stance; signals, primary and secondary. This not only means understanding the proper body positioning but also in which game situations should each stance be used. From here we begin educating catchers on proper pitch receiving, blocking, throwing and special plays (e.g., fielding bunts, pop-ups, etc.)

Our clinics are designed to provide the youth catcher with specific instruction in the key skills of catching. We want to ensure each catcher receives some one-on-one attention in each clinic so we are committed to keeping the coach-to-player ratio at no more than one coach per ten catchers (often less).

In our private instruction we take the same approach as we do in our clinics, only with an initial evaluation of the catcher to understand what his/her starting point is relative to their knowledge and skills.


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