Where CATCHERS Are Built

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Catching Clinics

We offer Fundamentals Clinic, Skills Development Clinic and Special Plays Clinic.  We limit our clinics to 10 catchers to ensure each catcher gets more focused attention.  

Clinics are offered during the summer, fall and winter.  

Clinics are three to four hours in length.  

Check out Upcoming Events page for clinic schedule.  

If you are curious which clinic level is appropriate for your catcher, please contact us.

Fundamentals Clinic:

  • Focus heavily on proper stance (or set up) behind the plate.This includes instruction in proper signals stance, primary stance and secondary stance
  • Introduction to proper receiving technique and some basic receiving drills
  • Introduction to blocking position and proper transition from secondary stance to blocking position

Skills Clinic:
  • In this clinic we build off of what we teach in our Fundamentals Clinic
  • We focus on the 3 primary skills important for catchers:
    • Receiving
    • Blocking
    • Throwing

Special Plays Clinic:
  • We can't ignore those less frequent and unique plays that occur in games.  This clinic focuses on these plays for catchers.  
  • The focus of this clinic will be on:
    • Retrieving passed balls/wild pitches
    • Pop-ups
    • Fielding bunts
    • Plays at the plate

Single Skill Specific Clinics

Want to focus on and improve one specific skill?

Join us for our single skill specific clinics.  These clinics will be 3 hours in length and focused on a single skill; Receiving, Blocking or Throwing.